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Thought Leadership

Company creditors and claw-back

Under our Companies Act liquidators can come knocking to recover funds that companies have paid to creditors months (and years) prior. The liquidator’s powers of claw back are not widely understood by creditors, and to many the powers seem inherently unfair. In this article, we address what the claw-back ...

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What’s up with District Plans?

District Plans are the documents prepared under the Resource Management Act that control what land-use activities are permitted or will require consent in the district the plan relates to, and why.

This makes them fundamentally important if you are intending a development be it large or small.

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Getting it right – the tender process.

The tender process is widely used in commercial property where an owner is engaging building contractors or is selling a property. Requests for tenders can create a separate process contract and this process contract has implied duties and obligations. It is important to understand these duties and obligations and also ...

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PPSR – Tips to protect your position

The Personal Property Security Register (PPSR), is a searchable online database of financing statements. If your business supplies customers with equipment or stock on credit or consignment basis, your interest should be registered against each of those customers. When a customer is insolvent, or when you are trying to collect ...

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A promise is a promise

There have been two recent notable High Court decisions regarding testamentary promises.

Basically, a testamentary promise is made when one person agrees with another that the one party will make provision for another in their will to reward them for services and work. If the promise is shown and the ...

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Don’t lose control of your overseas assets

Do you have assets overseas?
Many people now own some form of assets overseas, whether it is a timeshare on the Gold Coast, shares in Apple or a UK pension. However many people often don’t know how complicated it can be to deal with these assets after you die.

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