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Thought Leadership

Review of the Unit Titles Act 2010

Triggered by a report from property professionals, the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment (MBIE) have announced a review of the Unit Titles Act 2010 (Act). It is a timely review of the Act especially as the number of unit title complexes are increasing.
The objective of the review is to ...

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So you want to write your child out of your Will?

Do you want to know whether you can write your child out of your Will? Perhaps your relationship has broken down irreparably with your son or daughter, or perhaps they are just not good with money? Or perhaps your son or daughter (or their partner) has a gambling problem and ...

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The pitfalls of DIY Will kits.

Writing a Will is easy right? Just leave everything to my kids and bury my body? Think again …

Do it yourself Will kits may make it seem easy but there are many pitfalls throughout the process of making a Will which could make yours invalid or mean that your testamentary ...

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Separation – What happens to the children?

One of the most important issues to resolve when you separate from a partner is how you will each share the care of the children. Many families require assistance to work out a fair and practical child care arrangement that is in the best interests and welfare of the children.

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Post November 2016 Earthquake Lending Requirements

The latest earthquakes have not just caused movement to the landscape but have also caused movement with regard to bank’s lending requirements in some regions around New Zealand. Banks are understandably cautious about advancing funds on properties that may have sustained damage in the most recent earthquakes.

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One Property – Multiple Purchasers …What to do?

Often there will be more than one purchaser interested in a property. There are ways to commit interested purchasers where a contract is already in place. But, the process has to be done properly so you do not commit your vendors to sell to more than one party!

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Santa’s annual immigration and employment queries

As you all know, Cavell Leitch has been advising the most important Christmas celebrity for some years now. As always, his Christmas spirit is such that he wants to give the non-confidential advice away to other employers, just in case they need a little bit of help too.

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The Christchurch Replacement District Plan

The upcoming Christchurch Replacement District Plan will soon take effect and the building restrictions around some residential areas look set to change. Now is a great chance to sample some of the more relevant and perhaps notable changes, many of which are pending final approval. These new changes could be ...

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