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Thought Leadership

Commercial property as an investment option? – 5 Top Tips

With the increasing cost of residential property making rental returns in the short term less attractive, as well as proposed restrictions on who can buy, some investors are now looking to commercial property as an alternative.

In this article, we provide you with 5 top tips as to what you ...

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Buyer beware: Christchurch’s property market’s hidden costs

A recent article in the press a couple of weeks ago highlighted that there are several houses in Christchurch which were never correctly fixed after the Canterbury Earthquakes and as a result may be financially toxic. People purchasing these houses run the risk that they may be buying into an ...

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WWOOFers - an update.

Last year, the Labour Inspectorate undertook a series of investigations and found that volunteers and WWOOFers (the popular scheme where travellers work in exchange for food and lodging), were, in fact, employees. At the time we published some advice, which has recently been confirmed in an Employment Relations Authority (ERA ...

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FAQs - When entering a new Lease (as a Tenant)

If you are about to enter into a new lease, you probably have a few questions about your rights and obligations under the lease.

It is always best to approach your lawyer early in the leasing process and definitely before you sign an Agreement to Lease or a Deed of ...

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Allowing for insignificant breaches of a District Plan

A common cause of frustration for land owners is when effects of their activities that are insignificant require resource consent because they breach a rule in a plan to a minor degree.
The changes to the Resource Management Act (RMA) on 18 October 2017 include an attempt to recognise this ...

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Debt recovery 101

Unfortunately, debt recovery is part of running a business. The start of a new calendar year and the impending end of the financial year is as good of a time as any to undertake a debt recovery health check for your business.

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House and Land packages vs. Buy and Build

Since the Christchurch earthquakes the landscape of Christchurch has changed from previously built homes within established neighbourhoods to new subdivisions with new builds, it could be suggested that we are seeing this trend to accommodate for the expanding housing needs of those living within the region.
In most subdivisions you ...

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Residence visa rules update

INZ has also further tweaked residence visa requirements. In effect, the minimum salary level has increased for those wanting to apply for residence under the Skilled Migrant Category (SMC).

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Work visa rules update

Immigration New Zealand (INZ) has recently further tweaked the work visa changes it made last year. In effect, the minimum salary levels have increased.

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