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Thought Leadership

One Property – Multiple Purchasers …What to do?

Often there will be more than one purchaser interested in a property. There are ways to commit interested purchasers where a contract is already in place. But, the process has to be done properly so you do not commit your vendors to sell to more than one party!

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Santa’s annual immigration and employment queries

As you all know, Cavell Leitch has been advising the most important Christmas celebrity for some years now. As always, his Christmas spirit is such that he wants to give the non-confidential advice away to other employers, just in case they need a little bit of help too.

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The Christchurch Replacement District Plan

The upcoming Christchurch Replacement District Plan will soon take effect and the building restrictions around some residential areas look set to change. Now is a great chance to sample some of the more relevant and perhaps notable changes, many of which are pending final approval. These new changes could be ...

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IAG no longer accepting any Deeds of Assignment

Over the past 6 years it had become usual practice that EQC and private insurance claims were assigned to the purchaser upon a sale if the parties both agreed. Previously private insurers had been happy to allow the assignment of these claims provided a valid Deed of Assignment was entered ...

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Key issues facing our sports broadcast rights market

Over the last two decades broadcast rights have proven to be a critical commodity for our sports associations, leagues and clubs. Negotiating the best position with strong and clear agreements, whether from the broadcaster’s perspective or the relevant sport or league has never been more important.

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