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Fighting organised crime and money laundering

The Organised Crime and Anti-Corruption Legislation Bill has just passed its third reading. The Bill forms part of a Government programme aimed at preventing calculated, serious crimes for profit. Find out what this could mean for you and your business.

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Incorporated Societies

New Zealand has over 23,000 incorporated societies, yet the legislation governing incorporated societies has barely changed in over 100 years. Recently the Government accepted the Law Commission’s recommendations to replace the Incorporated Societies Act 1908 with a more robust, modern Act. Consultation on a draft Incorporated Societies Bill ...

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Limited Partnerships

Limited partnerships are a relatively new type of business structure in New Zealand. Since the introduction of the Limited Partnerships Act in 2008, limited partnerships have become an increasingly popular vehicle, allowing investors to enjoy the “best of both worlds”.

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Software Licence Agreements

Many New Zealand businesses (whether small or large) will have entered into some form of software licence agreement. But as software becomes more advanced and complex, so too can software licensing arrangements. This article aims to identify some important issues that all businesses should bear in mind when considering licensing ...

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Insight into the Financial Markets Conducts Act 2013

Investment law in New Zealand is undergoing the most significant regulatory overhaul in more than 30 years. Cavell Leitch is at the forefront of this new regime. With substantial experience in New Zealand and overseas, we are leading our clients through the challenging technical aspects of investment law and describing ...

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Unfair contracts

Businesses who engage with consumers will need to ensure their contracts are up to scratch ready for the "Declaration of unfair terms" within the Fair Trading Act to come into effect on 17 March 2015. This is especially relevant for those businesses who use "standard form" contracts. The changes aim ...

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