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Santa’s annual immigration and employment queries

As you all know, Cavell Leitch has been advising the most important Christmas celebrity for some years now. As always, his Christmas spirit is such that he wants to give the non-confidential advice away to other employers, just in case they need a little bit of help too.

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Labour market testing changes to work visa requirements

On 11 April, Immigration New Zealand (INZ) changed the documents required for an essential skills work visa application. It is important for employers and employees, especially those working outside of Canterbury, to know about these changes prior to making a work visa application.

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Returning Client: Santa

One of our favourite clients, Mr S. Claus (who we call Santa), has been in touch again.

It’s a busy time of year for Santa, as it is for many of our clients. Also, just like many of our clients, he needs urgent immigration and employment advice before Christmas ...

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Helpful immigration policy changes

The new immigration policy changes are great news for migrants and employers of migrants working in lower-skilled roles in Canterbury who will now be granted longer visas and the ability to change employers.

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