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10 Families & Individuals Articles

Lending money to a family member? Make sure you record it!

The ‘bank of mum and dad’ is probably the most used bank anywhere in the world. However, all too often, loans between family members are not formally recorded. This creates complications if family members later fall out or one party dies. The issue then is whether the advance was a ...

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Are you the Guardian of your child?

Generally if you are your child's biological parent then you are their guardian - but sometimes there are more complicated circumstances which apply and guardians have to be appointed by the Court.

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Section 182 - a possible trust busting tool

When going through a separation, trusts have often been viewed as "safe" bets to protect assets from being divided. However section 182 of the Family Proceedings Act gives the court significantly greater power to deal with property owned by a trust.

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Your assets and residential care subsidies

The Ministry of Social Development are scrutinising applications for residential care subsidies. They are now, more than ever, expressing that people are required to look to their own resources first before asking the state to pay.

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Increases in New Zealand's paid parental leave

Is New Zealand finally catching up to other OECD countries in the paid parental leave stakes? In this article Peter van Keulen looks at the current paid parental leave entitlement and the possibility surrounding an increase to six months if Sue Moroney's Members' Bill is passed.

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