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Speak up or lose out – when to notify your insurer

Obtaining an insurance policy and paying the premiums is only the first step to ensuring that your business has insurance cover when it needs it. An often overlooked or at least underestimated aspect is that the typical liability insurance policy has specific requirements about notifying your insurer of a potential ...

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Buyer beware: Christchurch’s property market’s hidden costs

A recent article in the press a couple of weeks ago highlighted that there are several houses in Christchurch which were never correctly fixed after the Canterbury Earthquakes and as a result may be financially toxic. People purchasing these houses run the risk that they may be buying into an ...

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Trans-Tasman disputes – out of which court do I sue?

With the evolution of the ‘global economy’, disputes between parties who reside or do business in different countries are now commonplace. Disputes between New Zealanders and Australians are governed by the Trans-Tasman Proceedings Act 2010. This Act simplifies the process and reduces costs for resolving civil disputes where the parties ...

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Law cracks down on laser pointers

As we saw recently in the recent World Cup Russia v Algeria match, high powered laser pointers are a dangerous nuisance in the hands of irresponsible people. The NZ government has taken note of the danger and is putting a plan in place to alleviate the risks.

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