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10 Property Litigation Articles

Common issues in Commercial Property Transactions

Typically most transactions go smoothly as both parties have a mutual goal of the sale and purchase of the property and work together to get it achieved. Often, however, issues arise during the transaction that neither party expected.

This article is the first of a series that examines various case ...

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Land Covenants – be wary

Most modern subdivisions now include land covenants which are registered against the titles. These are effectively rules that the land owner must abide by when owning the land. Many covenants relate to how and what you can build, with a view to keeping up the value of the subdivision. However ...

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Young Kiwi's life cut short

Jacob Marx, a young New Zealander living in London was walking home when he was hit and killed by a falling shop sign. This could just as easily have happened in New Zealand. Building owners must take responsibility.

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A victory for common sense - Ridgecrest v IAG

The outcome of the Ridgecrest v IAG case proved to be beneficial for both insurers and insured alike. Since the Christchurch earthquakes many questions have been raised around replacement insurance cover and the entitlements due, particularly for commercial properties.

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