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40 Residential Property Articles

Post November 2016 Earthquake Lending Requirements

The latest earthquakes have not just caused movement to the landscape but have also caused movement with regard to bank’s lending requirements in some regions around New Zealand. Banks are understandably cautious about advancing funds on properties that may have sustained damage in the most recent earthquakes.

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IAG no longer accepting any Deeds of Assignment

Over the past 6 years it had become usual practice that EQC and private insurance claims were assigned to the purchaser upon a sale if the parties both agreed. Previously private insurers had been happy to allow the assignment of these claims provided a valid Deed of Assignment was entered ...

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The Healthy Homes Guarantee Bill

This bill was aimed at addressing the issue of cold, damp rental accommodation in New Zealand. Find out the current status of this bill and what it would mean for landlords and tenants.

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