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The rural sector provides the backbone to our country’s economy and Cavell Leitch is renowned as a leading advisor to agribusiness, farmers, farm workers and rural families by taking complex rural legal issues, translating them into plain english and then working with our clients to provide sensible solutions.

Working in rural New Zealand produces its own set of challenges that our team truly understands.  We've been on the farm and genuinely know what it takes. 

Our rural clients face a myriad of different legal issues that criss cross over a number of areas of legal expertise.  For that reason, we have a team of lawyers, spanning our firm's eight specialist teams, completely familiar with the issues facing the rural community and ready to assist. 

Including advising on the following:

  • Agribusiness - Providing specialist advice to rural sector businesses
  • Rural property - buying, selling, refinancing and subdividing rural properties.
  • Employment - dealing with the special challenges around farm workers and other rural clients
  • Farm succession planning - helping clients face the challenges of future family ownership needs.
  • Farm resource management - ensuring our rural clients have the rights to use their land as they need
  • Farm divorces and separations - dealing sensitively with relationship breakups and the significant risks these can bring
  • Employment of migrant farm workers - helping ensure a reliable supply of quality workers for your rural business

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Rural Law Expertise: