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Cavell Leitch helps out many charities in our community through its association with United Way and through our newsletter we would like to put a spotlight charities who have been helped by United Way.

This month's spotlight is on New Zealand Blue Light.

New Zealand Blue Light (Blue Light) is a community policing youth program that has been running programs and activities for young people throughout New Zealand for over 30 years.  Blue light aims to build better relations between the police, young peope, their parents of the community with the hope of reducing youth crime by building young people’s self esteem and encouraging positive youth and police partnerships.

Although Blue Light does not receive any funding from New Zealand Police, they do work closely with them to help build community partnership and enhance community safety.

There are 75 branches of Blue Light throughout New Zealand who run a wide range of events and activities for example Life Skills camps, Rainbows End Fun Days and Wahine Toa Camps.  All events are alcohol, drug and violence free and encourage safe and healthy socialisation for young people.

Blue Light events are overseen by police officers who carry out the duties over and above their normal core duties along with civilian volunteers.  All Blue Light members are involved becaues they are passionate about helping those young people who do not have the opportunity to experience some aspects of life that many others take for granted. 

If you would like to find out more about Blue Light, perhaps for a donation, to volunteer or just to see what events they are running in your community please visit their website.

Some more information about United Way:

United Way have been improving lives and strengthening communities around the world for more than 125 years and enjoys the support of 70,000 companies.  Cavell Leitch is one of those companies in New Zealand and has enjoyed a partnership with United Way for approximately 14 years.  Our staff not only donate through payroll, but also donate time.  Some of our partners assist in choosing the charities to support and one of our staff member is the Canterbury Regional Co-ordinator.  We are committed to helping United Way create lasting change in our community.

United Way envisions a world where all individuals and families achieve their human potential through education, income stability and healthy lives.  The Charity’s mission is to improve lives by mobilising the caring power of communities around the world to advance the common good. 

For those that aren’t aware of United Way’s work, they collect donations and then give grants to charities who apply.  Some of these charities are too small to attract much attention for donations or are not “popular” charities, but still do fantastic work in our communities.

For more information on United Way please go to:

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