Senior Solicitor

Caroline Mason

Photo of Caroline Mason

Caroline recently joined Cavell Leitch as a solicitor having completed her law degree part time while working as a project manager.  She has spent the last 20 years being involved in various aspects of high country land management including advising on tenure review, consents and land management issues.

With a background in plant ecology, Caroline completed her master's degree at Lincoln University.  As a result she has a thorough knowledge of the high country environment and farming sectors.  Caroline is involved in advising the Crown on high country land management issues and has particular expertise in the Land Act and Crown Pastoral Land Act.

Caroline has a wide interest in land management issues as they apply to the property & farming sectors.  Her expertise in researching issues such as the Emissions Trading Scheme, water rights & land status investigations is an integral part of advising clients on agribusiness property transactions.

Contact Telephone: +64 3 339 5617
Email: caroline.mason@cavell.co.nz

Professional Qualifications

BSc (Canterbury) 1982

M Appl Sci (Hons) (Lincoln) 1987

LLB (Canterbury) 2010